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NCAA Enforcement Potpourri: Penn State, South Country Central School District and UNC

The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm provides a summary of ongoing enforcement, reinstatement or waiver cases (or stories highlighting the impacts of prior infractions cases) involving NCAA member institutions. We call it “NCAA Enforcement Potpourri”. Enjoy.

Penn State Sex-Abuse Investigation

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation director Louis Freeh and investigators from his firm have conducted approximately 200 interviews during a comprehensive probe of the child sex-abuse scandal at Penn State. Media reports note Freeh and his investigators are “asking questions that go beyond the charges against retired assistant coach Jerry Sandusky and into the relationship between the football program and the administration”. Freeh’s firm was retained in November 2011 by the Penn State Board of Trustees to review the Sandusky allegations. Freeh and members of his investigative team interviewed a diverse set of “people ranging from high-level administrators to retired secretaries to current and former staffers in the athletic department. That includes many employees who worked at the football building while the late Joe Paterno was coach.”

For complete articles on this story, please click the following links: SI.com; The Morning Call, ESPN.com; and StateCollege.com.

High-School Grade-Change Investigation (Syracuse Prospect)

Joe Cipp, Jr. resigned on Wednesday, March 21, 2012, as the South Country Central School District (Long Island, New York) superintendent “over an alleged grade-fixing scandal that earned a former student an NCAA scholarship to Syracuse University” according to a media report. The Huffington Post article states “Cipp’s resignation follows a months-long investigation into allegations that he had pressured Bellport High School officials to inflate all-state lineman Ryan Sloan’s math grades so the student would be eligible for a full athletic scholarship to $52,000-a-year Syracuse.” The article also summarizes other grade-fixing scandals from across the country.

For the complete article on this story, please click here.

University of North Carolina NCAA Enforcement Case

UNC Chancellor Holden Thorp will conduct a presentation before the full meeting of the Board of Trustees on March 22, 2012, “that introduces UNC as a potential role model for public institutions across the country”. Thorp’s presentation comes in the aftermath of the release of the infractions report in the NCAA enforcement case.

For the complete article on this story, please click here.

Disclaimer: The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm may represent a party or parties in one or more NCAA enforcement cases listed or described on this blog. This blog post does not represent arguments on behalf of firm clients.

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