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Joe Nocera (The New York Times) Highlights Tim Cohane’s Legal Fight Against the NCAA

Joe Nocera of The New York Times published another entry in his ongoing commentary on the NCAA’s enforcement and student-athlete reinstatement processes. In a March 23, 2012, article, Nocera discussed Tim Cohane, the former head men’s basketball coach at the State University of New York at Buffalo, who “was forced to resign in late 1999 after he was alleged to have violated N.C.A.A. rules”. Cohane was charged with “observ[ing] potential recruits play pickup basketball in the university gym”. Nocera contends SUNY-Buffalo “apparently wanted to fire Cohane, even though he had recently gotten a new contract. The easiest way to push him out was to gin up some infractions. The N.C.A.A., it appears, was only too happy to go along.”

The full article (and Nocera’s charges against the NCAA) can be found by clicking here.

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