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One Week to the Ohio State NCAA Infractions Hearing: How the University May Be Preparing

Ohio State University will be appearing before the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions on August 12, 2011, in an Indianapolis, Indiana, hotel. The hearing day is the culmination of months of hard work for the institution and the NCAA enforcement staff.

The hearing will review the NCAA enforcement staff’s April 21, 2011, notice of allegations. In the notice, the enforcement staff alleged, between November 2008 and May 2010, numerous Ohio State football student-athletes received preferential treatment from, and sold institution-issued athletics awards, apparel and equipment to, an owner of a local tattoo parlor. [NCAA Bylaws, 14.11.1, 16.1.4 and] The staff also contended Jim Tressel, the then Ohio State head football coach, violated ethical-conduct legislation when he failed to report information concerning the rules-violations and permitted the student-athletes to participate in intercollegiate athletics competitions while ineligible. [NCAA Bylaw 10.1.].

With one week prior the August 12 hearing, Ohio State consultants and administrators will probably be preparing for the hearing in the following ways:

  • Finalizing the Ohio State president’s opening and closing statements.
  • Completing Ohio State’s presentation for each allegation (the presentation is usually conducted by the institution’s attorney or consultant).
  • Briefing the institution’s hearing party on their specific roles during the hearing, as well as any remaining issues impacting the case.
  • Finalizing the institution’s hearing strategy and anticipating any issues that may occur during the proceeding.
  • Resolving any pre-hearing issues with the NCAA enforcement staff and Tressel’s attorney.
  • Reviewing all evidence, including recorded interviews and documents.
  • Completing research on NCAA case-precedent.

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