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New NCAA Division I Interpretation: Delayed Enrollment for Junior National/International Competition

On August 12, 2011, the NCAA Division I Legislative Review and Interpretations Committee issued an official interpretation concerning delayed enrollment of a prospective student-athlete for junior national/international competition. The committee confirmed that “the exception to the delayed enrollment legislation for participation in national/international competition (e.g., Olympic Games, World Championships, National Team) applies only to the events specified in the legislation and does not extend to junior level competition (e.g., Youth Olympic Games, U20 World Cup, Junior National Team) that may be associated with the specified events.” The interpretation references NCAA Division I Bylaw (exception — national/international competition):

“For a maximum of one year after a prospective student-athlete’s first opportunity to enroll full time in a collegiate institution following the one-year time period after his or her high school graduation date or the graduation date of his or her class, whichever occurs earlier, participation in the following organized national/international competition is exempt from application of Bylaw (Adopted: 1/15/11 effective 8/1/11; applicable to student-athletes who initially enroll full time in a collegiate institution on or after 8/1/11)

(a) Official Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Championships, World Cup, World University Games competition;

(b) Officially recognized competition from which participants may directly qualify for final tryouts for a national team that will participate in the Olympic Games, Pan American Games, World Championships, World Cup or World University Games and final tryout competition from which participants are selected for such teams; or

(c) Official competition involving a national team sponsored by the appropriate national governing body of the U.S. Olympic Committee (or, for student-athletes representing another nation, the equivalent organization of that nation).”



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