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2012 NCAA Division III Initial Publication of Proposed Legislation, Part I: Legislative Calendar

In August 2011, the NCAA published the Initial Publication of Proposed Legislation (IPOPL) for Division III, which presents the proposed amendments submitted by the Division III membership in accordance with the July 15, 2011 deadline in the NCAA legislative calendar.  The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm, through a six-part series, will review the 2011-12 legislative calendar along with the five proposals submitted for the 2012 NCAA Convention.

Between the publication of the IPOPL and September 15, 2011, sponsors of the proposals have the opportunity to refine and change their submissions in any manner as long as it is “germane” to the proposal printed in the IPOPL. Membership institutions and conferences are also able to offer suggested revisions of the current proposals during this period.

Following the initial revision period, the Second Publication of Proposed Legislation (SPOPL) will be released no later than September 23, 2011. This publication will include all the Division III membership-sponsored proposals as modified, including all proposals sponsored by the Division III Presidents Council or Management Council.

Between the publication of the SPOPL and November 1, 2011, the Division III Presidents Council and Management Council as well as the membership may submit amendments to the proposals in the SPOPL. These amendments cannot increase the modification of the provisions to be amended but rather must fall between the provisions in the original proposed amendment, and the provisions of the SPOPL.

On November 15, 2011, the Official Notice of Convention will be mailed out, which includes all Division III proposed legislation and the properly submitted amendments-to-amendments and resolutions.

Between January 11-14, 2012, the NCAA Convention will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, where it will be determined whether the proposed changes will be adopted.


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