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NCAA Division III Secondary Case Review: Team Travel Planning During Institutional Breaks

The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm continues its educational series on NCAA Division III legislation through a review of selected cases involving secondary rules-violations. Today’s post reviews a secondary case involving a violation of NCAA Division III Bylaw The rule provides: Practice

Expenses may be paid for practice sessions only if they are associated with an away-from-home contest or conducted at a site located within the member institution’s state or, if outside that state, not more than 100 miles from the institution’s campus.

The bylaws were cited in Secondary Case Number 43449 (May 29, 2010), which involves Division III men’s golf. The case is summarized below:

Facts: The head coach made a verbal contract to play another institution during an extended 7 day trip during the institutional spring break. The other institution cancelled due to financial reasons and the HC could not find another institution to play. As a result, the team traveled out-of-state and more than 100 miles to practice.

Institution Action: The institution will no longer accept verbal agreements between coaches for competition and will require written contracts for all competitions that are conducted at neutral/away-from-home locations and may include a practice component that is not permissible per Bylaw, regardless of which institution is hosting the competition. For teams that are traveling on an extended road trip, in particular over an institutional break, head coaches will be required to submit a detailed itinerary, clearly outlining departure and return times and proposed practice and competition dates. This itinerary will be approved by the institution prior to any contracts being issued or signed.

Enforcement Action: No further action.

Eligibility Action: STAFF: N/A

Rationale: STAFF: N/A


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