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Dan Wetzel (Yahoo! Sports) Believes the Penn State Sex-Abuse Scandal “Overshadows” the Best Sports Stories in 2011

Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports authored a December 27, 2011, piece, “Penn State scandal overshadowed 2011’s best”. Wetzel explored the stories that made the headlines in the sports world in 2011 and concluded the sex-abuse allegations at Penn State University rose to the top. Wetzel’s article begins with the following point:

It’s not unusual for the biggest stories in sports to occur off the field. The unexpected development is, almost by definition, newsworthy. Having, say, the Lakers or the Celtics win an NBA title isn’t unexpectedly historic. Even so, 2011 was quite a year, a revolving run of scandal, conflict and tragedy that seemed to overwhelm the actual competition. None, of course, was greater than the Jerry Sandusky sexual-abuse allegations that enveloped the once believed-to-be-pristine world of Joe Paterno’s Penn State football program.

It wasn’t just voted the story of the year by Yahoo! Sports readers. It shows little sign of slowing down and should linger into 2012 and beyond as criminal and civil trials push forward and the debate about Paterno’s legacy continues. The Sandusky case, however, is simply the highest profile and worst situation of the year, one in which it had plenty of competition.

The full article can be read by clicking here.

“In wake of Sandusky scandal, Penn State may rethink athletics”.Read more here: https://bucknersportslaw.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#storylink=cpy

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