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Welcome to 2012!: Susan Ward (About.com) Offers Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Success

The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm is excited to welcome all blog readers to the new year. As you settle into your offices fresh from a well-deserved holiday season, we would like to forward to you some helpful advice to facilitate a productive 2012 for you and your organization. Susan Ward from About.com authored an insightful article, “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Success”. Ward’s common-sense recommendations can be used by any manager, administrator or leader in the business, sports and education fields to achieve success in 2012. The following constitutes a summary of Ward’s resolutions for success:

1. Learn how to delegate and do more of it.

2. Promote your business regularly and consistently.

3. Make business planning a weekly event.

4. Learn something new.

5. Join a new business organization or networking group.

6. Give something back to your community.

7. Put time for you on your calendar.

8. Set realistic goals.

9. Don’t make do; get a new one.

10. Drop what’s not working for you and move on.

The complete article can be read by clicking here.


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