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Encarnacion Pyle (The Columbus Dispatch) Explores Ohio State University President Gee’s Strategy to Move-On After the NCAA Infractions Case

Encarnacion Pyle of The Columbus Dispatch authored an interesting January 2, 2012, article, “Gee accepts OSU’s spanking by NCAA”. Pyle’s article begins with the following point:

Some Ohio State University officials wanted to appeal a ban that will make today’s Gator Bowl the Buckeyes’ last postseason appearance until at least the end of the 2013 season.   But President E. Gordon Gee decided that the university should take its medicine, even though he considers the NCAA’s punishment out of line in comparison with similar cases at other schools. Gee said Ohio State needs to set an example of the higher standard he wants the NCAA to apply throughout collegiate sports.

The article describes the decisions and changes being done at Ohio State University as a result of the enforcement case. For example, the Michael L. Buckner Law Firm believes Gee’s decision not to appeal is the right move (in light of the difficulty to demonstrate an error under the NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee’s new higher appellate standard). Further, Ohio State’s compliance-related enhancements will serve the institution well in the future.

The full article can be read by clicking here.

“In wake of Sandusky scandal, Penn State may rethink athletics”.Read more here: https://bucknersportslaw.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post-new.php#storylink=cpy

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