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2012 NCAA Convention Recap: Division I Board of Directors Supports $2,000 Expense Allowance and Multi-Year Scholarships Legislation

The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm continues its review of the events and activities that occurred during the 2012 NCAA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Today’s post reviews actions of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors on Saturday, January 14, 2012. The Board of Directors reaffirmed its support for new legislation that permits institutions to provide student-athletes with a $2,000 miscellaneous expense allowance. However, the Board of Directors ordered the Student-Athlete Well-Being working group to provide the presidents in April 2012 with recommendations for implementation of the measure. The Board of Directors’ decision was based comments and feedback from the membership. Accordingly, the board requested the implementation recommendations to address student-athlete financial need, Title IX compliance and “the potential for stockpiling by universities”. The new legislation would be effective for the 2013-14 academic year. The Board of Directors’ action eliminates the need for an override vote on legislation.

The Board of Directors also reaffirmed its support for multi-year scholarships and was not suspended. According to the NCAA,  “after a brief discussion that centered on delaying the effective date, the presidents decided not to make any changes to the rule allowing schools to award athletics scholarships for more than a single year”. The Board of Directors favored the new rule “because of its student-athlete well-being focus and noted that the legislation was permissive, not a requirement”.

A complete summary of the Board of Directors’ two Saturday (January 14) actions can be found by clicking here.


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