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2012 NCAA Convention Recap: The Role of the FAR in the Enforcement Process

The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm continues its review of the events and activities that occurred during the 2012 NCAA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Today’s post reviews a session discussing the proper role of the faculty athletics representative (FAR) in the enforcement process. In a January 18, 2012, Inside Higher Ed article, “Guarding the Field”, author Allie Grasgreen provided an excellent summary of the event. Ms. Grasgreen’s piece began with the following:

Based on a show of hands, fewer than 10 faculty athletics representatives (FARs) who showed up here to a packed session on the role of the FAR in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s enforcement process had ever been involved in or contacted by the NCAA about a major infractions case. But given that some types of violations are on the rise, and that NCAA leaders are in the midst of a crusade to sanitize the association’s image, it’s not surprising that so many FARs, as the representatives are called, are trying to be proactive.   When it comes to persons of interest in news reports about enforcement cases, FARs are not near the top of the list. Those positions are occupied by the football players trading memorabilia for tattoos, the coach breaking rules to get recruits, the programs hiring too many coaches and practicing players too much, and the myriad other perpetrators and missteps.   But the FAR can play an important role in the enforcement process, faculty members and NCAA officials said at last week’s presentation.

The Michael L. Buckner Law Firm recommends administrators from NCAA Division I member institutions review their respective internal investigation policies and procedures and incorporate the suggestions offered by the NCAA enforcement staff concerning the role of the faculty athletics representative in the enforcement process.

A complete summary of this event can be found by clicking here.


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