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New York Debates Making SAT Cheating a Crime

A New York state senator has proposed a bill to make “facilitation of education testing fraud” and “scheming to defraud educational testing” a felony offense, as well as “forgery of a test” a misdemeanor violation. The bill also requires photo identification and other ways to prove the test taker matches the name on the test. [Note: The NCAA already has outlawed in its bylaws (specifically, Bylaw 10.1) a prospective or enrolled student-athlete or a current or former institutional staff member to: knowingly being involved in arranging for fraudulent academic credit or false transcripts for a prospective or an enrolled student-athlete; failing to provide complete and accurate information to the NCAA, the NCAA Eligibility Center or an institution’s admissions office regarding an individual’s academic record (e.g., schools attended, completion of coursework, grades and test scores);  and being involved in fraudulence or misconduct in connection with entrance or placement examinations.] The New York legislative proposal is intended to address a legislative investigation into a scandal in an affluent New York City, New York, suburb. Charges have been filed in that case against students involved in allegedly paying others to take the SAT for them in Long Island, but state senator Kenneth LaValle declared additional tools were necessary to address cheating. LaValle is the prime sponsor of the bill.

A summary of the proposed legislation can be found on the Indside Higher Ed website by clicking here. The full article can be reviewed by clicking here.


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