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NCAA Grants Extension for Response to Notice of Allegations in UCF Enforcement Case

Iliana Limón of the Orlando Sentinel authored a February 6, 2012, article that provided an update to the enforcement case involving the University of Central Florida (UCF). Specifically, Limón reported the “NCAA has extended the deadline for UCF to respond to allegations of recruiting infractions within the football and men’s basketball programs”. According to the piece, “UCF was slated to respond to the NCAA’s notice of allegations by Wednesday, but UCF spokesman Grant Heston said the NCAA agreed to extend the deadline to Feb. 20 at the request of another party involved in the investigation. Heston did not identify the other party”.

The NCAA issued UCF a notice of allegations in November 2011. The parties are provided 90 days to respond to a notice of allegations. UCF and the involved parties, including former director of athletics Keith Tribble, are scheduled to appear before the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions in April 2012. The Committee on Infractions decides whether violations occurred and imposes sanctions.

Limón summarizes some of the alleged rules-violations involving UCF:

The New York Times and ESPN.com first reported in April 2011 Ken Caldwell, a Chicago resident and mentor of current UCF senior point guard A.J. Rompza, may have been operating as a runner — a middleman between professional agents and recruits considering playing football and basketball at UCF. The media outlets also alleged Caldwell acted as a representative of the university in violation of NCAA rules. Once the NCAA indicated Caldwell was affiliated with a professional agent, payments Rompza received from his mentor became a violation of NCAA rules. Rompza was declared ineligible for the first 12 games of the basketball season and had to repay $900 he received.

The full article can be read by clicking here.


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