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Michael L. Buckner Law Firm Weekly NCAA Compliance and Enforcement Round-Up

This week the  Michael L. Buckner Law Firm continues its weekly summary of the biggest news stories in NCAA compliance and enforcement. Below are the top stories for this past week.

Clemson reviewing football players’ appearance on party flier

Takeaway: The NCAA prohibits employing an athlete’s name or likeness to promote a commercial interest.

‘Athletic principles’ statement released by UNC faculty after the NCAA football scandal

Takeaway:  As a result of the ongoing UNC enforcement case, 112 UNC faculty members endorsed an “athletic principles” statement. The three principles that the undersigned faculty hopes to see within the athletic department are institutional openness, educational responsibility and mission consistency.

Multiyear scholarships to be allowed

Takeaway:  Division I schools now have the option to offer scholarships guaranteed for more than one year. Of 330 institutions voting, 62.12 percent voted to override the legislation. A 62.5 percent majority of those voting was required to override legislation.

Former UCF Athletic Director Keith Tribble responds to NCAA allegations

Takeaway:  While Tribble’s response to the NCAA stated he lacked knowledge of NCAA recruiting rules he denied misleading NCAA investigators or intentionally violating NCAA rules. UCF President Joh Hitt, who fired Tribble, stated Tribble was supposed to be “the one the president and the chancellor count on to make sure the bar [of compliance] is raised.”

Vanderbilt will look into tampering complaint by Maryland: Maryland, ACC file grievance with SEC

Takeaway:  Vanderbilt vice-chancellor of athletics David Williams will conduct an internal investigation into whether head football coach James Franklin or anyone else on his staff tampered with Maryland players who intend to transfer. The investigation is in response to a formal complaint by the ACC on behalf Maryland. This was handed to the SEC, who sent a series of question to Vanderbilt regarding the allegations. Franklin has denied any wrongdoing.


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