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Inside Higher Ed: Study Claims Increase in Athletics Donations Leads to Decreased Academic Giving

An April 27, 2012, Inside Higher Ed post by Allie Grasgreen reported on new research presented last week at the annual conference of the College Sport Research Institute at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Grasgreen noted “administrators often brush off critics who say intercollegiate athletics detract from a university’s educational mission by countering with the claim that successful sports teams bring more attention to the institution, and in turn more donations. While some research has identified a positive relationship between athletic success and fund-raising (and some has found no link at all), less explored is where those donors are sending their money — and if the findings of one new study hold up, university presidents might have a tougher time making that argument in the future”. The post stated the research “again linked athletic success to increased donations — donations to athletic programs, that is”.

The complete post can be read by clicking here.


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