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Michael L. Buckner Law Firm Weekly NCAA Compliance and Enforcement Round-Up

This week the Michael L. Buckner Law Firm continues its weekly summary of the biggest news stories in NCAA compliance and enforcement. Below are the top stories for this past week.

Penn State failures draw unprecedented NCAA sanctions

Takeaway: The NCAA levied unprecedented sanctions against Penn State University for “perpetuating a ‘football first’ culture that ultimately enabled serial child sexual abuse to occur.” The NCAA stated the institution’s leadership “failed to value and uphold institutional integrity, resulting in a breach of the NCAA constitution and rules.” The MLBLF’s official response to the sanctions can be found here.

Penn State faced 4-year death penalty

Takeaway: Penn State president Rodney Erickson revealed that if the institution did not agree to the NCAA’s sanctions, a formal investigation would have begun and the university could have faced a multiyear death penalty, as well as “other sanctions,” including a financial penalty far greater than $60 million.

Big Ten Statement On NCAA Penn State Sanctions

Takeaway: The Big 10 added to the NCAA’s sanctions on Penn State including the implementation of a four-year ban on participation in the Big 10 Conference football championship game and a four-year ban on receiving conference bowl revenue. The revenue ban is estimated at $13 million.



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2 thoughts on “Michael L. Buckner Law Firm Weekly NCAA Compliance and Enforcement Round-Up

  1. Well, our PSU lettermen should work with your firm to reverse the penalties that affect the current players who had nothing to do with this. If the administration won’t do it, perhaps our former players will band together and do it for them.

    Posted by Linuxdood | July 28, 2012, 5:58 pm

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