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NCAA Division I Live-Scouting of Future Opponents Ban Upheld

On June 21, 2013, the NCAA announced the rule prohibiting Division I coaches in all sports from live scouting of future opponents was upheld. This decision was announced following an override vote where 55.2 percent (154) of the voting schools and conferences voted to override the legislation (a 62.5 percent majority of those voting is required to override legislation). The override vote was made necessary due to 94 school requesting an override following the adoption by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors of the live-scouting ban in January. The rule continues to allow coaches to scout upcoming opponents if they are participating in the same tournament or doubleheader event at the same site.

Those in favor of the ban argued live-scouting was not necessary due to improvements made in video technology. Those against the ban believed not all coaches may have the same access to quality video and the ban was contrary to deregulation efforts.

The full article can be found on the NCAA website.





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