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Michael Buckner Quoted in Orange County Register on Honeycutt-Agent Allegation

Buckner shareholder Michael L. Buckner was quoted in an April 2, 2014, Orange County Register blog post, “UCLA likely to avoid fallout from Honeycutt-agent report .” The post, published on the newspaper’s “UCLA Blog,” reported: “Without cooperation from parties involved or any way to corroborate evidence, UCLA likely will avoid any major fallout from potentially impermissible benefits exchanged between sports agent Noah Lookofsky and former Bruins basketball player Tyler Honeycutt, a sports law attorney told the Register.”

Buckner is quoted regarding difficulties obtaining evidence from third-parties (i.e., persons who are not employed by, or student-athletes with, an institution): “It’s difficult to get those people to actually cooperate,” says Michael Buckner, a sports law attorney with the Buckner Law Firm who has worked extensively on NCAA enforcement cases. “In cases where we have had third parties or persons outside the university who don’t cooperate, and we’d tried everything else, we couldn’t go forth with a reported violation. … If I can’t corroborate it with another source, either a document or another witness, then that’s just one person who said it’s occurred. That’s where a lot of investigations go down the hole.” The post also included other thoughts from Buckner on investigating alleged NCAA rules-violations.

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One thought on “Michael Buckner Quoted in Orange County Register on Honeycutt-Agent Allegation

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