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Michael Buckner Quoted in Around the Rings Article on German Appeal of Pechstein’s Doping Case

Buckner shareholder and president Michael L. Buckner was quoted in a March 31, 2015, Around the Rings article about the legal challenge in Germany over five-time Olympic speed skating champion Claudia Pechstein’s doping case. The article by Around the Rings, which covers news within the Olympic Movement, “Pechstein Case No Threat to Court of Arbitration for Sport” by Mark Bisson and Andrew Murrell explored the issue of whether the appeal of Pechstein’s doping case in a German court endangers the entire international arbitration system operated by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). CAS recently issued its first statement addressing the decision of a Munich appeals court in January 2015 to allow Pechstein to go ahead with a lawsuit seeking damages from the International Skating Union. Buckner was asked about the impact of the Pechstein case on the CAS. Buckner informed Around the Rings his opinion on the impact the case will have in some jurisdictions, including the following quotes:

  • “I know, in the United States, athletes have taken their cases before federal courts, and federal courts have denied taking those cases,” he said, adding that the CAS operated was supposed to ensure that there be uniformity among the signatories in CAS awards.
  • Buckner says yes, if it’s upheld. “However, if you look at the decision of the judge from Munich, there are a few of his rationales that CAS can go back and fix, if the decision is upheld. “For example, the fact that the judge indicated that athletes do not have any participation in the selection of arbitrators. Well, that’s a rule that can be fixed, because those rules have been revised over a period of time and that can definitely be addressed,” he said.

The full article, which include all of Buckner’s quotes, can be found on the Around the Rings website, which can be found here.


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