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Oregon Releases the NCAA’s “Proposed Findings of Violations”

The University of Oregon, in response to a public records request filed by several media organizations, released on Friday (February 24, 2012) two documents, “Proposed Findings of Violations”, which purports to summarize the NCAA enforcement staff’s current analysis of allegations involving Oregon’s football program. According to media reports, the documents contend Oregon violated NCAA legislation regulating recruiting services during the past four years. The documents contain statements relating to: (a) Oregon’s use of three scouting services that failed to adhere to NCAA legislation; (b) the football program exceeding the number of permissible coaches during the recruiting process. Oregon, through an institutional spokesperson, did not acknowledge any rules-violations.

The documents results from the ongoing investigation by the NCAA enforcement staff into Oregon’s recruiting practices. Oregon has been under scrutiny after questions surfaced concerning a 2010 payment of $25,000 to Willie Lyles and his Houston-based recruiting service. Media reports describe the recruiting information that Oregon paid Lyles and his company as mostly outdated.

The Proposed Findings of Violations released in this case is not a notice of allegations under NCAA Bylaw 32.6.1. [Note: Bylaw 32.6.1 states a notice of allegation is issued “when the enforcement staff determines that there is sufficient information to warrant”. Bylaw notes “the enforcement staff shall allege a violation when it believes there is sufficient information to conclude that the Committee on Infractions could make a finding”. ] It is more likely an instrument the enforcement staff and institution used to establish and/or coordinate each party’s position in the case–which enables Oregon to make necessary decisions in its investigation and athletics program.

For more information on the Oregon enforcement case and the release of the Proposed Findings of Violations, click the links for the following media reports: StatesmanJournal.com; Bleacher Report; and Register-Guard.


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