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Buckner Expands Sports Law Practice with Anti-Doping Intelligence-Gathering and Investigative Services

Buckner enhances its specialized, multi-disciplined sports law practice with intelligence-gathering and investigative services to address doping issues in Olympic and global sports

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., 23 September 2014 – Buckner, a global-focused sports law firm, is pleased to announce the launch of its anti-doping intelligence-gathering and investigative services. The firm’s International Sports Investigations and Arbitration Team will deliver the new services to National Olympic Committees, international sports federations, anti-doping organizations; major event organizations; and professional sports franchises. Global sports organizations have three months to comply with the investigative and intelligence-gathering requirements of the revised World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI). The updated Code and ISTI take effect 1 January 2015.

Under the Code, anti-doping rule violations can be demonstrated by any reliable means, including analytical and non-analytical evidence obtained through investigations and intelligence-gathering from all available sources. Accordingly, organizations will be required to vigorously pursue all potential anti-doping rule violations within their jurisdictions, including investigations into whether athletes, athlete support personnel or other persons may have been involved in a case of doping or other illicit activities under the Code.

The complete Code can be reviewed and downloaded at the World Anti-Doping Agency website (https://www.wada-ama.org/en [English version] and https://www.wada-ama.org/fr [French version]).

Buckner’s services will be delivered by its International Sports Investigations and Arbitration Team, which consists of:

• A retired USA Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agent (with significant experience operating international drug trafficking investigations);
• A former sports regulatory investigator;
• A former licensed private investigator (with experience investigating alleged violations of rules prohibiting performance-enhancing drugs); and
• Licensed attorneys and consultants.

Further, Buckner will be able to deploy to jurisdictions and regions throughout the world using professionals from a network of investigators and former law enforcement agents.

Using comprehensive protocols specifically designed to address the Code and the ISTI, Buckner’s International Sports Investigations and Arbitration Team will collect intelligence regarding: (a) possible violations of the Code or other anti-doping rules; (b) doping trends and issues; (c) individuals and organizations with possible links to illicit doping activities; and (d) any information that is relevant to the client’s detection, understanding or monitoring of possible illicit doping activities. Further, the firm will be available to conduct investigations of alleged violations of the Code and other anti-doping regulations for sports organizations.

“The attorneys and professionals at Buckner are excited we can help our global sports clients comply with the new requirements of the World Anti-Doping Code,” said Michael L. Buckner, founder and shareholder of Buckner. “Through our new anti-doping intelligence-gathering and investigative service, as well as the addition of our new personnel, we are able to expand the resources we offer to our clients while assisting them with their anti-doping efforts and doping cases.”

About Buckner

Buckner, a global-focused higher-education and sports law firm, provides clients with innovative strategies for complex legal matters and cases. Our attorneys, consultants and affiliated professionals assist higher education, high school, college sports, global sports, professional sports and corporate clients with addressing sports-related legal, compliance, regulatory and administrative issues. Our areas of practice include: University Accreditation; Administration, Governance and Compliance; Athletic Academics; Contracts and Business Transactions; International Sports Arbitration and Compliance; Media Communications; NCAA Investigation and Enforcement; Litigation; Risk Management; and Title IX. The firm’s website and resource center is available at: https://www.bucknersportslaw.com.

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About Michael L. Buckner, Esquire

An attorney who provides clients with internal investigation, civil litigation, estate planning and compliance services.


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