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Global Sports Agencies and Professionals Attend Buckner’s Anti-Doping Intelligence-Gathering Webinar

Representatives from sports-related organizations and agencies throughout the world attended Buckner’s Wednesday, July 22, 2015, webinar on how sports organizations can develop an intelligence-gathering process to enhance anti-doping and drug-testing programs. The online event, “Strategies to Comply with the World Anti-Doping Code: Intelligence Gathering”, was conducted by attorney Michael Buckner and covered several issues, including:

  • Intelligence-gathering strategies and protocols
  • Why intelligence-gathering is an important element of a comprehensive anti-doping program
  • How an organization can establish a process that collects and examines PED-related information and data
  • Key benefits of an intelligence-gathering process.

Webinar attendees received a handout and a copy of attorney Buckner’s PowerPoint presentation.

For anti-doping organizations (ADOs) and other sports organizations who could not participate in the webinar, Buckner offers to conduct a complimentary session on intelligence-gathering–contact Michael Buckner (+1-954-941-1844; mbuckner@bucknersportslaw.com) to schedule a webinar for an ADO or sports organization.

About Buckner

Buckner, a global-focused sports and education law firm, provides clients with innovative strategies for complex legal matters and cases. Our attorneys, consultants and affiliated professionals assist global sports, professional sports, college sports, higher education, high school, and corporate clients with addressing sports-related legal, compliance, regulatory and administrative issues. Our areas of practice include: International Sports Arbitration and Compliance; Risk Management; Litigation; Media Communications; Contracts and Business Transactions; Administration, Governance and Compliance; Athletic Academics; NCAA Investigation and Enforcement; Title IX; and University Academics and Accreditation. The Buckner website and resource center are located at: https://www.bucknersportslaw.com.


About Michael L. Buckner, Esquire

An attorney who provides clients with internal investigation, civil litigation, estate planning and compliance services.


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